The dance of conscious being

Feel yourself, BE, perceive the “inner” space until it is the same as the „outer“, until we flow together. As in dance, so in life. Every touch; a gentle invitation to dive into this universe, our universe of self, one; beyond control and loss of control, beyond doing and not doing, beyond being or not being this or that. Every moment we are simultaneously creators and observers of what is, in a continuum of devotion and co-creation. Infinitely creative, the elemental force of all of our creation.

Experiencing dance as a form of expression that is a language in itself, a primal language, intuitively it springs directly from the source of the heart. It knows no nation, no attitude, no division. It only knows itself. A consciousness from which we all flow. A level of perception that begins within ourselves and flows infinitely within it and has always flowed.

Experiencing dance as a form of expression that reminds us of our source through our body, grounding and uplifting us while we just simply are and let be. In its original form it knows no right and no wrong, it knows no better or worse. It is always perfect imperfect and imperfect perfect.

Experience dance as a form of expression that welcomes every emotion and neither evades its power nor identifies with one. Every emotion for the moment, carried by the diverse sounds of the universe, they are allowed to come and go, raw, uncensored, authentic.

Leaving behind only what remains. And IS. Inexhaustible. In alignment. With yourself and thereby with everything that is.

Dear soul, what else would there ever be to desire than to BE? Losing yourself in your dance again and again in devotion to the moment and at the same time finding and recognizing yourself.

Let’s dance through life together!

A small sequence from our Soulzouk courses with @jenni_schmitz777
– Dance & Movement Meditation, expressive dance.
Would you like to dance with us?
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music source epidemicsound; Mountain Air, Cody Francis