Be. And everything unfolds naturally.

Welcome to ST Soulsite

With love, Sabrina

What connects Dance, Art and Mindfulness? It is all flowing from our very essence.

ST Soulsite unites mindfulness & coaching with dance & intuitive arts, as each serves the other and combined can maximize the positive impact on health and individual balance. 

We express our true nature authentically through movement and playful exploration already from early childhood but in the course of life and with growing focus to learning things intellectually we tend to lose contact to our intuitive wisdom if it isn´t nurtured along the way. 

ST Soulsite focuses on nourishing and bringing that playful essence back to the center of our natural expression so we can experience life in its flow and playful ease. Everything is already within you.

Introducing myself as a person, living and meeting you in the spaciousness of consciousness.

In this space of unity there exists no judgement, no differentiation, no color, no shape. This is where we can truly meet and connect, where we are already one and whole in essence. We may access and experience the release of blockages, the liberation of energies that have been stuck within our bodies through holding onto them, dropping into our intuitive flow and guidance through dance, art and movement. 

How does awareness influence dance and art? 

It unlocks our full potential without prioritizing personal aspects or achievements, rather merging into a heart centered space in which creation just flows and we are receptive for answers and our own inner guidance. It is not personal, yet includes all aspects and expressions of our human experience which is unique for each of us while living from the deep underlying essence of who we are. It leads us to experience a whole hearted fulfillment and freedom in expressing ourselves in our natural and authentic way. There is always something else to experience and (un)learn, on a daily basis.

Nature continuously inspires and guides me through light and dark surrendering to my heart in receptivity and openness for possibilities while allowing intuitive inner guidance to flow. It is within us all, we just may discover, listen and hold space for it ourselves. 

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