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Welcome to ST Soulsite

With love, Sabrina

What connects Dance, Art and Mindfulness?

It is all flowing from our nature within.

As your coach

I´m here to hold space, pointing to doors and ways into deep heart centered fulfillment through creative and intuitive expression of dance, art and life, embodying your timeless truth – your light is here to shine.

As an artist 

I´m here to create specifically for you, individual dance projects, performances and events, paintings, drawings and crafts made with love as well as pieces that speak from heart to heart and from soul to soul.

As an author

I´m here to inspire you into your natural intuitive heart centered self while flowing from your essence and allowing your inner gifts and light to shine while honoring and integrating all aspects of your nature.


We have the freedom to simply be, create and flow from our essence.


Arts is born as our creator spirit is being set free.


Connecting and unleashing our potential together.

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The dance of conscious being

Feel yourself, BE, perceive the "inner" space until it is the same as the „outer“, until we flow together. As…

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The beauty of transience

"These mandalas were created following my inner call through nature to acknowledge its eternal flow and thus the beauty and…

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True love is limitless – using triggers for growth

True love is limitless – using triggers for growth

Love simply IS. Unfolding in and as the essence of our very BEing. Neither more nor less. We may look so…

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Are you ready to discover and walk your own path of freedom, exploring and living in sync with your most natural gifts and flow?

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