Shows & Clips

Improvisation & storytelling

This type of shows is based on freestyle music interpretation which can also be partly choreographed according to a theme. In these shows, the mindful and intuitive aspect of dance is in the focus. Depending on the type of request it can also be with probs such as fans or bands or a darkroom show with lightballs in neonlight. It can also be made for a specific message to be included and brought across creatively in the dance. It can be created for physical events but also possible as a video clip.

I am happy to discuss an individual setup with you and to share an offer with you.

Are you ready?

Individually for you.

IΒ΄m looking forward to choreograph a show act individually for you and share with you from scratch, step by step in a motivating and uplifting way. You are just one step away to let your dance dream come true! IΒ΄m happy discussing the setup, bring in details and choreography specifically for your event or video purpose. It can also be based on storytelling.

I'm happy to share an offer for your request!