Personal Coaching

individually shaped for you. Online during Corona lockdown.

Personal training and private classes are the most direct and effective ways of learning and improving your receptivity to dance, your connection and technique whatever your motivation and vision with dance is or simply starting from scratch with a step by step guidance and many useful exercises for unlocking your potential.

I am happy to work on an individual training schedule with you based on your vision and individual requirements.

Mostly requested topics are

Develop your Style

This way of training involves an individual program depending on your area of dance and development. It will help you to get more flexible and feel more natural and comfortable in your styling and dance in general, sense opportunities from your body without looking for them from your mind.

Improve your lead

You are mostly leading and have a lot of combinations in your repertoire, however you are unsure how and if it feels comfortable for your follower and how to do it with a safe and sound technique? It´s my pleasure to help and support you here based on more than 10 years of experience in dancing, teaching and performing.

Self Discovery

With individual exercises based on your dance and experience we will step by step focus on feeling and developing the essence of your dance and movement to help you to flow from a place within you that is free of judgement to bring to the surface of your dance what beautiful unique gifts and expressions you have within you.

Coaching & Movement Meditation

A combination of life counseling, dance and meditation in one, which is focused on your individual balance and brings it to light in a mindful way. We include your roots and natural talents or bring them to to the surface. It is my pleasure to be by your side on this journey and to individually design the framework for your sessions, to create space for your expression and your individual growth.

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In order to fully absorb the long term benefits of personal training it is recommended to allow time for development with a regular base of sessions. Each personal training and coaching session is made individually for you, always adjusted to your abilities, current situation and vision and allows you to grow step by step in a mindful way. 

1 hour / person: 88 € normal; 77 student

5 x 1 hour / person: 5% discount

10 x 1 hour / person: 10% discount

You can start with one hour and as you choose to take further hours, the discount will automatically be applied.