Arts is born as our creator spirit is being set free.

Magic happens when we are trusting in our inner guidance, abilities and given talents to shape our interpretation of life and the world while expressing our own truth. Arts can manifest in many different forms, here I would like to talk about painting.

I have been painting since a very early age, went to an arts school and graduated in media design. It has always been a tool for me to process and enjoy life in its most natural flow of creation, I enjoy to creatively express my feelings and to connect with my higher self when painting.

A painting made with love can be a precious gift for someone we love, a reminder to be grateful for the beautiful and wonderful people we have around us or just colorful energetic decoration on our wall.

In the process of painting I enjoy speaking without words and love for detail as well as the freedom to let the colors float together creating something totally unplanned if it wants to. It is about trusting the process and creative flow from the divine.

We do not always need to know the exact outcome. But if we follow our inner calling and our heart we may be guided even beyond our expectation and imagination.