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Salsa LA - Style

The most popular form of social dance, originated in New York in the mid 70´s, with influences from Latino America, particularly Cuba and Puerto Rico. 
Salsa as international dance can be found in most metropolitan cities in the world, commonly held in night Clubs, Ballroom, Restaurants, Festivals. 
There are many different styles of Salsa dance like Cuban, Colombian, Puerto Rican, New York and LA-Style, which is the most danced salsa style.
Salsa dancing is great fun, very elegant and an amazing practice of living daily joy!

Salsa New York Style - Mambo

Mambo is very similar to Salsa. The biggest difference is the timing of the steps. While in Salsa the leader steps forward on 1 and back on 5, he steps back on 2 and forward on 6 in Mambo. The dance is more accentuated, elegant and lead is smooth. There is a lot of improvisation in social dance which offers great opportunity for music interpretation in partnerwork as well as in solo shines.

With experience dancing, teaching, performing and choreographing in Salsa since 2008 I am very happy to support you to clean your leading and / or following technique as well as sharing exercises for giving space for max. enjoyment in your dance and developing a form of styling which is YOU and doesn’t feel forced onto you.

For followers 

…we will focus on bringing out your natural abilities as well as musicality and show you how and when to do styling, what technically is important so you can fully focus on your own body expression which is individual to you.

For leaders 

…we will focus on ensuring a solid preparation and initiation of movement, a safe execution for both sides and some little tricks that help you to flow in your dance with ease.

The same time we are looking at the way you step, where and how you move to support and improve your dance unlocking your full potential step by step.

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