Mindfulness is key to your authentic dance.

This journey gives you the opportunity to discover yourself through your dance in a room free of judgments in trust and loving presence, in which you can freely express yourself, your thoughts and feelings through movement.

You will be guided into exercises that can help you to connect deeply to yourself and your body freeing the energy flow. In all exercises you choose where you will take it and that’s what we work with. You decide where the journey goes!

You may…

Yes, it´s a meditative form of dancing.

It´s about…

No stereotypes!

Dancing is for all of us, regardless of age, gender, nationality, abilities, body type and shape.

Dancing is not just for reaching a goal for fitting into a particular genre. Most importantly it is to come here, now and float from your BEing, with everything that you are feeling right now.

It is to melt into the music and allowing yourself to flow from there. Most authentically YOU.

That´s where you are most powerful and beautiful.
And your dance is, too.

Authentic Dance is not referring to a particular style or genre, it is rather the essence of dance within YOU on your journey of self discovery through dance and movement in general.

I am looking forward to go on that journey with you!

Frequently asked questions:

What if there is nothing within me to bring out?

It is beautiful to step into nothingness. Letting go of our controlling and planning mind, allowing stillness, welcoming the unknown and not involving in it as it arises, will be recovery time for body and soul. The emptier we allow ourselves to become inside the more we can melt into and be the expression of the music, and each of us responds differently to it. Witnessing this is one of the most inspiring things.

So no need to worry about what you can or can´t do. If you like movement and are open to try something new that´s all it takes.

What if I have two left feet?

This approach to dance is not so much about keeping a specific beat with particular steps

(although it may also be if you are feeling it this way). Much more is it about how you experience all components of music within your body. We slow down the pace of movement to become conscious of what is happening within and around us and allow ourselves to experience what is natural for us. In partner exercises we move away from strict leading and following roles to create a deeper access to both in order to open up for co-creation.

We put the emphasis on connection rather than keeping a particular step no matter what.

In a good connection, awareness is here before the thinking mind kicks in, that´s how it naturally keeps flowing.