• Gallery Paintings

    Gallery Paintings (26)

    Individual paintings loaded with energies of and for the heart for yourself or your loved ones. !!! Please note that gallery images from the shop cannot be shipped at the moment. However, reservations can be made. Individual custom paintings can be shipped at any time.
  • Custom Paintings

    Custom Paintings (2)

    This is your memory in its unique flair. Individually handmade according to your wishes (unique) in terms of format, scale, perspective, color, painting background. On the basis of photograph(s) – even small, old black and white photographs serve me as a basis for an enlarged painting or drawing. Weather condition and surroundings on the photos can be adjusted as desired.…
  • Postcards

    Postcards (2)

    Round postcard set with 6 different motifs. All leaf mandalas have been lovingly laid by my hands in the Fürth city forest, photographed and transformed into round postcards. The postcards come with beautiful brown kraft envelopes. This project was born to honor the unconditional love and infinite flow of nature, our nature. !!! Please note that postcards cannot be shipped…