Everything is already within us.

Everything is already within us. It may just be hidden under layers of what we have come to think we are or should be. In fact by holding onto an image of our identity we are limiting our potential. It is far bigger and the same time more subtle than we may think! Dance and arts can be a tool to bring us back to the present fully feeling and being alive in every cell of our body.

There is divine love in all creation.
It is on us to open up our heart, soul and intuitive guidance to receive and allow this gift to unfold day by day.

Truth and peace starts at heart and through that connects us with everything that is,
it includes black as it includes white.

This planet needs fire, water, earth and air to live just as it needs light and dark.
We are body, mind and spirit.
If one was missing we could not truly experience life.

Our roots in nature link us all together beyond our differences.
We are all children of this earth, brothers and sisters.

The truth is within you as it is within me and every particle of this universe. Regardless of our cultural backgrounds, our skin color or our beliefs. We are all one in consciousness. 

And that’s where we truly meet.