True love is limitless – using triggers for growth

Love simply IS.

Unfolding in and as the essence of our very BEing.
Neither more nor less.

We may look so much for love on the outside that we forget that the spring of everything we search for is already right there within us.
To be cared for means caring for ourselves which allows us to be able to see and trust that we are cared for,
to be loved means loving ourselves allowing us to open our hearts feeling how we are loved,
to be fulfilled means remembering our souls calling and embodying with it every moment. Dedicated. In surrender and trust to the greater, to an all encompassing truth. It is a process and a journey back to the roots of our very nature which hasn’t been lost but only hidden underneath all the constructs and conditions of limiting thoughts, the intuitive guidance of presence though is immediate.
Our natural self sets us free and allows the other to be free as well to decide each day to be together from our hearts. And what else would be worth to wish for? Not depending on the other but still choosing to love him / her is the greatest gift one can make to another.

It often happens subconsciously that we tend to look for all that we need in someone else at first and it may all seem to be fulfilled as we fall in love with someone watching the world through pink glasses. We may have subconsciously expected the other to heal our own wounds. However there will always be the day when we find out that it was a projection of our own thoughts and beliefs and that the other person is different to that image we had created of them.
This is neither good nor bad. It is simply a realisation of truth beyond our personal subjective interpretation and there is huge potential in it to grow and expand beyond what we think we are.

Yes, my ego has been hurt many times as well but today I am beyond grateful that it has revealed what was needed in order to help me see that I had always been free in essence, that it was only my belief and very clinging to the prison of limiting beliefs, conditioning and concepts I grew up in, that made me feel caged. I see them now and when they appear I observe them without getting involved, following my intuition to guide me in the present, thoughts can come and go, we are not defined by our past, neither need it to project into the future. Only the present allows us to truly be receptive for possibilities and it is there for everyone. 

Would I have listened to a lot of voices around me, I may have closed down to only let in the “pleasant” things, celebrations and emotions and dumb the rest, plan out and try to control life fully, not that I haven’t tried it.

By trying to hold the pleasant states in different ways I noticed that the very attachment to them has never allowed me to recreate them truly, while openness and surrender to what is while not trying to hold or control anything with my mind has actually made these moments pleasant. I experienced how it feels to close down to my inner world in order to live life according to what seemed worth achieving by society, but it didn’t feel right and didn’t work for me at all at a deeper level.
My intuition knew where to guide me for my own healing and awakening, so does yours.
I have not always dared to follow and appreciate it, sometimes felt like an alien, neither did my ego trust it would guide me to where I was meant to be but it was the very observing, being present while letting go of attachment to anything or projection or belief that brought me home.
My mind tried to constantly question it, distract from it, make it logical, explain it, test and even tried to proof it at first, but all these attempts had only brought a greater feeling of incompleteness and lack going from one extreme to the other, restless.

Many things cannot be understood with mind at first but become clear also in our mind once we trust and surrender to our heart centered intuitive guidance which only exists in presence. And in it also time is relative.

We are limitless consciousness.
We are all one.
Our potential is far beyond what our mind can and needs to understand logically.

We are sent the exact people and experiences that trigger our weaknesses reminding us where our limitless truth is.

When true love is found within ourselves at very first, only then we are able to truly love someone else.

If we aren´t treated as we expect from our loved one it may always teach us something.
It may be different for everyone but ultimately it is all leading us to the same source and center.

Finding what not getting what we expect wants to teach us
So how do we find out what it wants to teach us?
How to know which voice within us to trust and find our truth?

Choose to find and follow your true calling
Switch your phone and TV off so you can fully give yourself the time without being distracted. First simply make the decision from your heart that you want to find your true calling. You may sit or lie down and can say that to yourself in silence or speak it out loud and set the intention. “I choose to find and follow my true calling”. If you believe in a particular religion you may ask in a way that is safe to you or make a small prayer of it. Breathe deeply into your belly and allow a few moments of silence.

Ask yourself what it is that was triggered within you
then observe that as if you are looking at yourself from a distant place where you are safe and uninvolved. Let thoughts come and go but don’t judge them or push them into any direction.
The mind may resist this if it wants to hold up a false identity of you that was only created in your mind and is controlled and motivated by ego, not centered in our heart yet. To overcome this, keep looking from a safe place and keep focusing on the energy that keeps you safe in your heart, only keep looking.

Ask yourself what belief is lying at the root of this trigger
often times it is situations we have been let down, hurt or concluded that we are not enough, or even been blamed that something was our fault.
It is ok, let it come to awareness without judging it or believing in it as it is not a fact. Remember, everything is subjective in interpretation.

Look at in what areas of your life you have been motivated to take actions rooted in this belief
Keep observing and let it go where it wants to naturally take you. It will show you what you are ready to see. Let it be without involving in it or forcing conclusions, without judging, only observing. You may write down what comes intuitively. If you right now came across the same situation again, how would you react right now? 

Notice your presence
Focus on what is right now. What body sensation do you have? What is here right now?
You may simply listen to your breath and see the thoughts go in and out, without involving. Nothing to do in order to be. You simply are. In this presence past and future is only believed in through the lease of your personal perception, a construct of thought which you can either keep as is, turn around and change, or simply see its irrelevance in the whole letting it drop in surrender to the greater letting it guide you through your heart, which allows for the most powerful transformation.

Set affirmation
at the end of your little ritual set yourself a positive affirmation or reminder that keeps you centered in this awareness. So for example if you have been told as a child that you aren’t good enough or concluded that because you didn’t feel heard by your friends you can set an affirmation as “I value myself as I am meant to be. I am enough and I am worthy to live my own truth. I am guided, protected and loved at all times” you may set your affirmation to a 5 minute ritual each morning to look into your own eyes in the mirror and say that to yourself while connecting to your heart. Every day your limiting beliefs keeps shrinking until it falls away naturally while you can expand into your natural truth which is nurtured fully from your heart.

The power of forgiveness
when your partner or a friend isn´t giving you what you wish for it may have various reasons. Maybe you have never expressed clearly enough what you needed to feel loved or he/she simply was overwhelmed with their own inner process at the time just to name 2 of many. A hurt ego although, likes to blame it on us or the other thinking “I´m not good enough, that’s why” or create revenge or mistrust. It is feeding into its own false belief and gives an illusion of control. Forgiving another and ourselves from the bottom of our hearts is a major step in breaking the cycle of self sabotage or revenge in any form, allowing a healthier way of living and sharing to unfold.

We can only meet someone else as deeply as we have met ourselves.

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