The beauty of transience

“These mandalas were created following my inner call through nature to acknowledge its eternal flow and thus the beauty and transience of every expression within itself, love that exists beyond form and norm.”

Autumn in particular always showes me how nature changes in a natural and effortless way.

Suddenly all the greens turn into a magical set of yellows, oranges and reds that contrast with the few remaining greens. Every day it looks different, change is always present and for me it is the season that makes this most visible everywhere, overnight it changes, every day.

Within a few weeks all the leaves fall and a beautiful carpet of colorful shapes and patterns emerges – magical.

Shortly after they’re gone, they become brown soil again, feeding the trees and the next generation of plants and everything that lives there.

Looking at a forest at this stage underscores how effortlessly everything follows a natural rhythm.

Nothing needs to be done extra, nothing gets off track or out of time, out of the larger order, the big picture.

Using our energy and power wisely means living in harmony with these natural cycles and rhythms.

Our intuition knows the way.

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